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 Regarding the

          ・ Where are we located?
We are located few minutes away from Yokohama Stadium. 5 minutes walking distance from Ishikawacho JR train station. To go to downtown Tokyo, it only takes 50 minutes train ride to get there.
          ・ What is around the school?
Around the school there are supermarkets, convenient stores, drugstores, local restaurants and chain restaurants. Both train stations and subway stations are also nearby. Shopping areas, entertainment, parks, harbor, Chinatown, historical and scenic sites are very close by. Where we are located is not only convenient and things are easily accessible, but it is also quieter, less crowded and more comfortable to live.  

 About the classes

          ・ How many people are in one class?

The class size is 10-20 students max.
          ・ What language is used in the class?
Japanese is the only language used during class. The teachers will use different teaching method so that students will be able to understand even without any prior Japanese knowledge.

          ・ How qualified are the teachers?

All teachers have received certification to teach Japanese from the education department. Most of them hold a master degree, others hold a bachelor degree. All teachers are Japanese native.

          ・ What are the class schedule like?

We have both morning and afternoon classes. Morning classes are from 9:15 – 12:40. Afternoon classes are from 13:15 – 16:40.

          ・ How long is each lesson?

Either the morning or the afternoon classes have 4 lessons per day. Each lesson is 45 minutes long with a 5-15-5 minutes break in between 4 classes.

 Course Selection

          ・ What is the length of a long term course?

The long term courses last between 1 to 2 years. You can also choose to study for 1 year + 3 months, 1 year + 6 months, 1 year + 9 months.

          ・ What is the lenght of a short term course?

A short term course usually last around 3 months, it is for those who already reside in Japan, or for citizens who can enter Japan without a Visa. If you need further information, please contact us.

          ・ Will the long term course prepare me to enter a university in Japan?

Yes, the long term course will prepare students to enter a university in Japan whether the student’s Japanese is at the beginner’s level or not.


          ・ Where can I stay while I study at your school?

We have few dormitories very close to the school where you can stay. The staff here can also help you to search for an apartment upon request.

          ・ What about homestay?

Currently we do not offer home-stay accommodation.

          ・ How much does living in the dormitory costs?

Living in the dormitory costs from around 30,000 yen to 50,000 yen. Furniture, AC, heater, internet, cooking area, laundary machines and utilities (up to a limit) are included.

          ・ Are there part-time jobs available?

Part-time jobs are available around Yokohama. Many students are actually working. Of course you will have to have a Student Visa and a Residence Card. You’re allowed to work 28 hours maximum per week.


          ・ What countries are students from?

Our student body is mainly composed of people from China, other Asian countries, Europe, and South America, etc.

          ・ What languages does the staff speak?

Our staff here at AILC are able to speak English, Chinese, Korean, Spanish and Japanese.

          ・ What is the refund policy?

That depends on the course. Please contact us for more detail.