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“The principle of Asia International Language Center is to support students so that they can make their bright future.”

                                             Akira Toyama

       The school started as Japanese institute for war-displaced people in China in 1993 first, and even now we do it actively.

     After that, the school started as Japanese language school for international students because the number of international students from China increased. We founded language schools in China, Shan Dong Sheng and Fu Jian Sheng and so on, and also in Indonesia, Russia, Vietnam, Laos and another areas.

     We could have gained various experience through teaching Japanese, and we could establish the strategy about life in Japan, higher education, employment and practical way which are useful.

      We think Japanese language school is the place where international students start new life and need to teach not only Japanese, but the life skills to adapt themselves to social life, and we have the responsibility for sending them to society.

       For that reason, we think students need to do the self-managed and reflect how to react in society. We practice the way of teaching on extracurricular activities. The reason why we think it is important to study both using their head and using mind their mind and body, and experience Japanese culture. Learning Japanese is just a tool, not the final goal on human resource development. We hope everybody who wish to study in Japan will take courage to challenge new world so that they can make their dreams come true. At last, please see our principle once again and we promise that.